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“Dana Construction – The contractor you will refer to your friends and family”

Over the past couple of decades I have built a number of houses in multiple states, all with different contractors. My experience with each general contractor was different and not until I came to North Idaho to build my home in The Club at Black Rock was I able to use the very best I have ever hired. John Dana worked as the project manager for my general contractor and was instrumental in building the finest home I have ever had constructed. 

During construction a majority of the time I was not in North Idaho but living several states away.  John was on the job site every day, keeping me constantly informed and updated of the job’s progression through email and phone calls.  Pictures were sent weekly to show that weeks progress and he took ownership of the home as if it where his own. John’s daily visits to the job, professional scheduling, and working with the trades and suppliers on site meant that nothing was forgotten or less than the highest quality.  His eye for detail is something that my wife and I see every day that we live in and enjoy our home. The level of quality put into the home was unmatched by any of my other construction projects. If you are a trade working for John you must be at the top of the scale - nothing less.

The professionalism was not only evident in the physical construction of the home but also in the accounting side of the job.  The home was built on a cost plus basis with a budget established before the start of the project.  I was supplied monthly invoices with copies of all the supporting paperwork and knew the exact financial picture of the project.  Honesty is the greatest asset a contractor can possess and there is none higher than John.

I will highly recommend anyone John Dana as a general contractor – if I were to build again in North Idaho he would be one of my first calls. The craftsmanship of the work, level of communication, honesty of the accounting, and overall relaxed experience was unmatched in my other projects.

Building and custom home can be stressful – but not if you have the right contractor.  If you are going to build – Dana Construction needs to be on your short list of contractors to consider.

- Bob Clements

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