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Weather you have a working plan in hand or are starting with only a piece of bare ground, Dana Construction will assist you in design, budget and construction of the custom home.  This type of home makes up the majority of our business and is quite frankly our specialty.  The daily attention to detail both on the job and with the client is what make a custom home truly custom.  Many of our clients are not in the local area during construction and through email, FaceBook and job site cameras we are able to involve them in the entire building process.  Large or small - if it a home just for you - then it is a Custom Home for Dana Construction and the team.


Smaller Projects

We are always willing to look at any project you might have.  From custom framing, remodels, siding, and small structures we have done them all.  Often times we are able to slip a small project into the schedule and use the same great team members and building practices as any of our other projects.  Don't be afraid to ask if we can do your projects - who knows maybe it will be one that we can feature here on our web page.  Give us a call.

Estimating and Project Management


Just need some help with your building project, that professional eye to look at it and give you a realist view.  When time allows, we offer estimating and project management for those that want to handle part of the building process on their own.  We only bill for what we do and allow the owner to put in some sweat equity to help keep the project cost down.  Give John a call and see if this is a service that works for you.​

Sandpoint Custom Home Builder

Sandpoint Custom Home Builder

Sandpoint Custom Home Builder

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